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Ali Lashari is an Archeologist, Museulogist and Author by profession. Presently he is performing his duty as an Assistant Director (Excavations) in the Culture, Tourism, Antiquities & Archives Department, Government of Sindh.He is a Ph.D. Scholar at Karachi University has wide experience in field of archeology. He has been associated with the various conservation projects, as well as participated in the project of demographic research with Dr. Brian Hemphill, trained by professor at California state university, Bakersfield university of Oregon, in Sindh with different communities which was held in 2007 to 2008. He attended the training program of cataloging the Mughal coins, and other in the state bank of Pakistan museum & Art Gallery, after this training he became a volunteer, whereas he become an assistant curator, under an extended internship program Rearranged the reserve collection of the museum and cataloged the material. Prepared as cataloging, Art history, Event/Exhibition management, history of coins, museums studies maintaining records, researching, compiling, and preparing written information about catalogs and publishing. Currency, stamps, coinage, and Art studies conservations of printing and coinage. Collaborating with other institutions. Supervised the expansion of the objects from the reserve collection of the museum. Research facilities and carries out a scientific analysis of coins which is outstanding effort in Pakistan. Rearranged the numismatic section, classified and cataloged the coins in the collection of the museum.
He was awarded a scholarship in 2005-6 by the German Institute for foreign relations (ifa) in order to specialize Techniques of the carpet and textile Restorations, at the state museum Belin, Germany. Attended a Workshop in “Conservation of Oil Paintings”, at the Lahore Museum in 2006. As sited in the display work material loaned for an exhibition of Mohatta palace museum for the jewel in the Raj, from Sindh archive in March 2005. Attended a course on ‘conservation of Archival Material’ Reprographic Means and Archival Management’, at Sindh Archives Complex, Clifton Karachi. Attended a course on handling and Binding Manuscripts Paper treatment and methods of paper conservation at Sindh Archives Complex, Clifton, Karachi. Conservation of 19th Century papers from the original collection of Sindh Archives. Attachment to paper Conservation Laboratory, National Museum of Pakistan for training in paper treatment, display and curating the archeological material, display methods in 2000.
He excavated the Site of Banbhore with the Pak Italian & French Joint Archeological Mission to Banbhore (2011-2015), and he was assigned Assistant coordinator with French Team. Working on the analysis in metal objects discovered from banbhore, Sindh.
In 2018 he was attached to with the project of excavation, research & Conservation at KaathBanbhan, organized by the Endowment Fund trust for the preservation of the Heritage of Sindh, Karachi & Center of Documentation and Conservation of the Heritage of Sindh, Hyderabad. He has conducted a post Excavation Study on metal Objects found during excavation Seasons in 2014-15. He is presently working on the” Coins collections” of Dr. Kaleemullah Lashari.

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 Motivational Thoughts

  • Work on your self. Doing something yourself.
  • With great power comes great responsibility.
  • We Have to define What is handed on to future generation.
  • Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion rumi.
  • It’s important that you love what you do.
  • Wherever you are, add whatever you do, be in love. {Rumi}.
  • One of the most important fundamental in to create willingness to perform in the best of the abilities.