Jan 2000 to May 2000 – Attachment to Paper Conservation Laboratory, National Museum of Pakistan for training in paper treatment, display and curating the archaeological material, display methods etc. etc.

May 2001 to December 2001 – Apprentice, Paper Treatment and methods of Paper conservation, at Sindh Archives Complex, Clifton, Karachi.

January 2002 to March 2002 – Conservation of 19th Century Papers from the original collection of Sindh Archives.

27th January 2003 to 8th February 2003 – Attended a course of Handling & Binding Manuscripts, at Sindh Archives Complex, Clifton, Karachi.

August 2004 – Attended a course of ‘Conservation of Archival Material, Reprographic Means and Archival Management’, at Sindh Archives Complex, Clifton, Karachi.

March 2005 – Assisted in the display work material Loaned for Exhibition to Mohatta Palace Museum Karachi for Jewel in the Raj, from Sindh Archive.

13th – 18th  November, 2006 – Attended a Workshop in “Conservation of Oil Paintings”, at the Lahore Museum.

2007 – Did a project of Demographic research with Dr. Brian Hemphill, Associate Professor at California State University, Bakersfield University of Oregon, in the province of Sindh, with different schools and Communities.

2007 to 2008 – Worked as volunteer for State Bank of Pakistan Museum & Art Gallery.

6th January to 20th February 2014. Archaeological Mission, The Pak-French and Italian joint Archaeological project at Banbhore.

19th to 21st March 2014: Training Workshops “Heritage learning in Museums Techniques” conducted by Ms. Leena Tokila. Training Manager, Finnish Museums Association in collaboration with Lyallpur Museum, Museums Association of Pakistan and the Department of Archaeology, Government of Punjab.

January to 28th February 2015. Archaeological Mission, The Pak-French and Italian joint Archaeological project at Banbhore (Sindh). Participated as Archaeologist with Italian team and Assistant Coordinator with French team.  

30th November to 22nd December-2016 “Conservation & Restoration of Paintings”, Under the Guidance of Mr. Muhammad Azam held at State Bank Museum, Karachi.

9th January to 10th February-2017 Pakistan-Italian-French Joint Archaeological Mission at Banbhore Sindh. Post Excavation Study on Metal Objects found during excavation.

19th November to 2nd December 2018. The project of Excavation, Research & Conservation at Kaath Banbhan. Organized by; Endowment Fund Trust for Preservation of the Heritage of Sindh, Karachi & Center for Documentation and Conservation of the Heritage of Sindh, Hyderabad.